Hope Gathers Studio

Our Process

Crafted with intention, our process is your guiding companion from start to finish.
We foster an interactive and collaborative journey, forging lasting connections with our clients

Crafted with intention, our process is your guiding companion from start to finish. We foster an interactive and collaborative journey, forging lasting connections with our clients

Unlock the potential of your brand by filling out our comprehensive inquiry form. We view detailed inquiries as a positive sign, indicating your commitment to investing time and resources into your success. Ensure to provide all relevant details, as a well-filled form expedites the approval process. If approved, you’ll receive prompts to schedule a complimentary discovery call, allowing us to explore if we are the perfect match for your brand journey.
Following our insightful discovery call, you’ll receive our detailed proposal. Tailored to your needs, it includes our signature package with options to add additional brand assets or a website. Once approved, an invoice for the first payment secures your spot in our calendar, working on a first-come, first-serve basis. Upon payment, our contract is signed, solidifying your commitment.
Our Discovery Call (AKA Kick-Off Call) is a collaborative exploration of your brand’s essence. Together, we delve deep into your brand’s purpose, mission, and meticulously evaluate your brand questionnaire. This interactive session is a dynamic brainstorming experience where we share visual inspirations, aligning our visions for the extraordinary future of your brand. Igniting creativity and uncovering possibilities that set the foundation for a brand that resonates and flourishes.
Strategy Phase
Welcome to the Strategy Phase – the heart of crafting your brand’s distinctive identity. Building on the insights gained during our Discovery Call, we meticulously translate your brand’s essence into a strategic document. This comprehensive blueprint outlines your mission, goals, vision, voice, competitive landscape, and precisely identifies your target audience. As a visual preview, we initiate the creation of your first brand visual board and suggest a harmonious color palette, setting the stage for a brand that authentically reflects your vision and resonates powerfully.
The Design Phase – the realm where creativity meets strategy in a harmonious dance to give birth to your brand identity. Here, every vision conceived during our Strategy Phase comes to vibrant life. Through meticulous consideration of strategy, we craft real-life mockups that bring your brand identity to existence. Each concept is carefully curated, showcasing one beautifully aligned identity that seamlessly extends across online platforms, marketing materials, and your packaging. It’s no surprise that the Design Phase is often the favourite stage for many of our clients, where dreams materialize into a visually captivating reality.
Refinement Phase
The Refinement Phase is the stage where we fine-tune your brand with two dedicated rounds of refinements, included in our package. Our goal is to elevate your brand further, ensuring a personal connection with your desires and transforming it into an even more refined and polished version that resonates authentically with you.
Delivery Phase
The Delivery Phase is where we present you with all the final files to seamlessly implement your brand vision. This comprehensive package includes our renowned Brand Guidelines document, detailing logo usage, font guidelines, visual concepts, and more. We also provide brand assets optimized for print, any custom templates, and, if part of your package, your website delivery. All files are thoughtfully crafted in PDF, JPEG, PNG, and EPS formats. Please note that, to preserve the integrity of our work, we do not deliver any artwork in our artwork program formats.
Experience a seamless launch with our Launch Plan, encompassing everything from time frames to bespoke launch graphics. As we introduce your brand to the world, we provide valuable resources and collaborate with trusted photographers and marketing teams, ensuring ongoing support and the sustained success of your business venture.